Office Building at 1 Mihaila Tāla St.

A new A-class office building at 1 Mihaila Tāla St. is going to be the first of the office buildings to rise at New Hanza.

In a modern world a construction project without consideration of environmental issues is an unimaginable thing, therefor architects and engineers of Pillar Group took every effort to make this building not only modern, but also environmentally friendly and sustainable to the standard of BREEAM certificate.

The main part of the building will have 6 floors and a tower of 12 floors. The leasable area of the building is going to be 12 680 m2, while the total space is 16 700 m2. On the ground floor there will be commercial premises with 300 m2 of space for public catering.

Tenants will be offered 100 parking lots, of which 65 will be indoors. The parking will also offer charging stations for electromobiles and 330 parking for bicycles and electric scooters, of which 175 are under a specially installed shed.

During the construction process of the office building, Pillar Capital will engage around 30 subcontractors, whereas, construction and other tasks will be carried out by approximately 150 persons. The company Pillar Contractor is the general contractor, the design work was managed by Pillar Architekten and the architectural part of the construction project was developed by MARK Arhitekti. The building will be managed by Pillar Property Management.

Elīna Ozola
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