Brocēni, Brocēnu novads
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For sale the only production company of ceramic tiles in Latvia. Company’s brief history - The company founded in 1995 on base of Brocēni cement and roofing slate company where the tile production was one part. In year 2006, the modernization executed by installing a new ceramic tile production line from one of the biggest and famous tile production equipment Italian company S.I.T.I. for value of more than 4 million EUR. From 2009 until today, company is producing facade ceramic tiles. Location and infrastructure - Brocēni, on the one of the major roads, which connects Riga and Liepāja.

Production and warehouse premises with total area of 10000 sqm and land 7ha. Natural gas supply. Electricity supply with new high tension cable and 2 new transformers. 2 registered bore-holes for water. Asphalted territory. Container loading place. Railway few km away. Production capacity - The technological line provide full production circle starting from mass preparation until ready packed tiles. Wall tiles 80 – 90.000 m2/monthly. Facade tiles 50 – 60.000 m2/monthly. Floor tiles 45 – 50.000 m2/monthly. Assets of the company - Production and warehouse premises with total area of 10000 sqm and land 7ha. Moveable property (mainly S.I.T.I. ceramic tile production line). Raw materials for production. Ready produced facade tiles around 160 000 sqm on warehouse. Company actives - Real estate with value of about 750.000 EUR, depending on evaluation in August 2013. Moveable property (mainly the production line) with value of about 2.270.000 EUR, depending on evaluation in August 2013. Raw materials for production on 31.12.2014. with a value of about 500.000 EUR Ready produced tiles for value of about 1.700.000 EUR. Additional information is available upon request.
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